Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
Meaning: In the name of Allah(God Almighty) the Most Kind The Most Merciful
Golden Touch Jewellers is a family based business that was established in the year 1993 by husband and wife Imran and Naziha Saley shortly after they got married. Prior to that Imran had already been manufacturing and studied the art of jewellery making in Johannesburg South Africa where he worked as an apprentice for 2yrs at an Italian Jewellery Company called Flarrells, when the owners Flavio and Bennito moved back to Italy. Imran moved on to complete his apprentaship at Zulfikaar in Lenasia South Africa where he qualified as a Certified Gold Smith.
The business started off as a small jewellery workshop servicing a chain of jewellery stores and later expanded into a fully fledged retail store offering clients the opportunity to purchase directly from Golden Touch and making it easier to manufacture exquisite pieces of custom made jewellery according to the client’s requests and specifications 
But as time progressed the high crime rate coupled with the exorbitant Mall rentals forced the couple to look at other avenues of bringing their love and passion for jewellery to their clientele. 
And this is how the online store came into being. This New Venture of being able to give each client the opportunity to view the latest trends and designs of customized, imported and locally manufactured jewellery, has been phenomenal, not only that but the security it offers, in the comfort of your home together with all the perks Golden Touch has to offer, warm friendly, prompt and efficient service that’s second to none is nothing short of a win win situation and we thank the Almighty for having blessed us with this amazing opportunity.