Get the right size ring for you

At Golden Touch we understand that your ring should fit you perfectly. We will measure your exact size and mould your ring to fit exactly. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right size: 

P.S. Click here for a messuring table

When is the right time to measure your finger?

1. Do not measure when it is very cold or too hot this will effect the size of your finger. If they are cold your finger could be half a size smaller or more.
2. Try to measure towards the end of the day, when it is larger.

How to make sure you get the correct size

Ask yourself if the ring fits smoothly and most of all is it comfortable? It should be nice and tight that it won’t fall off, but it must not be to tight so that it can come off your knuckle easily.

PS. Rings with a thick band might feel tighter than a thin band; consider getting a size larger in these cases. It’s all about the feeling. 

Cannot decide between two different sizes?

If you cannot decide we always recommend that you choose the larger of the sizes. 

If you are buying a gift

Try to get a friend or family member to find out for you or alternatively try to bring in a sample ring that they use and enjoy.